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Edge Mobile

4.8 ( 7968 ratings )
Forfatter: EP&T Global Pty Ltd

Edge Mobile App is an advanced energy management App designed to deliver operational efficiencies for building owners and managers. At the touch of a button, users have visibility to portfolio and site level utility usage performance. In addition, this app provides ability for user on site to communicate with EP&T anytime regarding issues raised by EP&T to them.

The EDGE Mobile App provides the latest functionality to EP&T EDGE Clients for use on Mobile and enhances stakeholder engagement,
Users can now access EDGE monitoring and reporting summary information via a mobile without any need to remember usernames and passwords once used on a tablet.

App highlights include:

- Easy access and navigation to EDGE on a Mobile
- A comprehensive view of site and portfolio status on the one page
- A comprehensive view of site alerts on one page with graphs attached to them.
- Detailed MARS summary for site
- Greater visibility of the interaction between site teams and MARS analysts
- A financial summary of outstanding MARS opportunities
- Optional widgets including EcoTrack, EcoEye